History restored in Burnt Fort

Just off a lazy two lane road, at the end of an unpaved sandy path, you’ll find a tucked-away treasure.

Burnt Fort Two

The Chapel at Burnt Fort, Georgia, was originally built in the late 1800s.  It was used until the mid 1940s, when low attendance forced the doors closed.  The building collapsed in the 1960s, but a decade later,  local residents (including some descendants of the original settlers of the area) restored the church to its former glory.  The property also houses the only one-room school house left in Camden County, Georgia

Burnt Fort

There is also a cemetery, with marked graves dating back to the 1850s, and numerous unmarked graves as well.

burnt fort threeThis beautiful chapel is definitely off the beaten path, but completely worth the drive.  I love visiting new places and finding unexpected surprises, so it was a great day.  If you’re ever in beautiful southeast Georgia, be sure to see it for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.



27 thoughts on “History restored in Burnt Fort

  1. Wow this is beautiful! Glad they restored it. 🥰 I’m sure there were many nice memories made in this place and it would be a shame to leave it to deteriorate. ☹️

    – Hazel


    1. I attended that church.Held services 1 Sunday a month. Rickey Buie. Paternal grandmother was Lula Lorn Drury. Father, Mack Faye Buie. Granddaddy Jim had the general store at crossroads of hwy252/Refuge rd.


  2. When travelling I always like to discover these hidden away places, as well as the usual tourist sights. They show more of what life is really like, and history of normal people.


  3. I love places frozen in time and place. This is definitely one of them! At a time where every inch of space is being refurbished to make more homes and erase the past, it’s great to know that this little piece of beautiful history is still intact.


  4. This is one of those hidden gems I love so much! Amazing and super good, that this place is restored. We need to preserve what’s left and show it to our children!


  5. My Father, Taylor Lovett Pickren from Folkston Georgia, was the teacher in the one room schoolhouse at Burnt Fort some time in the late teens or early twenties according to an article in the Florida Times Union listing all of the teachers of record. He had no college education and was probably just out of high school.


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