Travel Back in Time in Coastal Georgia

Located in southeast Georgia, sleepy St Marys is best known for their waterfront and being the ‘gateway’ to Cumberland Island.


However, this picturesque Navy town has a gorgeous Historic District as well.  Nestled on palm-tree lined Conyers Street are two historic churches.

conyers st

St Marys Methodist Church was established around 1799, making it St Marys oldest congregation.  John Garvin was the church’s first pastor; however, missionary George Clark shared the gospel with residents starting in 1792.  The present building, which has been renovated several times, was built before the Civil War.  During the war, the building was utilized by northern troops as a Quartermaster’s Department.  The church was given a deed to the land in 1878.  Since it was founded, over 105 pastors have led services at this historic church; Roy White is the current pastor.

methodist church st marys


Located a block away from the Methodist Church is the stunning First Presbyterian Church.  Build in 1808, it served as a meeting place for those in St Marys and the surrounding area.  In 1822, Horace Southworth Pratt  became the church’s first ordained pastor.  In 1828, the church was known as the Independent Methodist Church, but it was changed to the current name in 1832.  The church is currently headed by Pastor Rick Douylliez.

1st Presbyterian Church St Marys

Both churches still have services every week, and welcome visitors.  If you’re ever in my coastal town, be sure and check out the churches and the other beautiful buildings in the Historic District.



24 thoughts on “Travel Back in Time in Coastal Georgia

  1. Great post, I had fun reading about St. Mary, it looks like a beautiful little town. Would love to visit, sadly live in Europe. But thanks to your post I visited in a way. 🙂


  2. I love all of the great architecture in Georgia. Your photos bring back memories of strolling through similar streets. Really pretty.


  3. Small towns communities always have so much to offer! St. Mary looks absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

    With love,
    Ashley | Girl Way Up North


  4. Hi Tammy! I love Georgia! We were stationed in GA when my kids were little. My oldest is actually relocating to Georgia this summer for his job. I’m not familiar with Saint Marys so I really enjoyed reading about it!


  5. I love beautiful towns. I met several friends who are from Georgia. So beautiful with rich history and pretty southern architecture. I hope i can visit someday.


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