Tracking down history, one dirt road at a time

I enjoy discovering new places and seeing new things, whether across the country or in my own ‘back yard’.  Recently, I set out to find some historic churches in my area.  After mapping out some locations, my journey began.

I had to travel down dirt/sand roads, but the churches were worth the effort.

I found the Chapel at Burnt Fort in Camden County, where I live.  It was restored several years ago.

Burnt Fort Two



Several miles away, in Brantley County, Georgia, I got to see two Primitive churches:


Pilgrims’ Rest Baptist

Pilgrim's Rest


and High Bluff Baptist

high bluff

For the full article about my journey, check it out here.

6 thoughts on “Tracking down history, one dirt road at a time

  1. That is so amazing!! I love historical building like this. Just makes you think how life was then compared to now, but the building remains.


  2. Hi Tammy. The windows offer a clue as to its nature in the first building but the other two, I don’t think you would know unless somebody told you (or you are a bit of an expert on these things!). Do they look more church-like on the inside?


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