Georgia Paradise

I spent some time on St Simons Island, Georgia today.  I love “the island” and plan to return again soon.  In addition to numerous shops and restaurants, there is beautiful ocean-front park featuring a lighthouse.

st simons 6

There are several miles of shoreline, including both rocky and sandy beaches.

st simons 4

There are so many ways to create a perfect day on the island:  bicycling, strolling along the sidewalks enjoying the shopping and dining options, fishing off the pier, or just relaxing on a bench taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean.

st simons 1

St Simons Island is a peaceful oasis offering something for everyone.  

17 thoughts on “Georgia Paradise

  1. Oh my goodness it looks so beautiful! I am pretty close to Georgia. I live in WNC so I will have to check this out sometime. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Simply beautiful. I have heard how beautiful it is and the pictures show just that. One of these days I will see in person


  3. Love to find out about places that would go unknown otherwise. Will keep this option for any future trip opportunity.


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